To develop Pinnacle into a world class retail real estate focused institutional funds manager for the wider CEE region over the next 5 years. Based on its long and successful track record Pinnacle believes it is ideally positioned to realize its objectives, the following qualities in particular make Pinnacle stand out from its peer group.

Independence and Experience

Pinnacle’s founders have always maintained overall control via day-to-day hands on management of the operating business. They have also always co invested along with their backers in assets. This gives Pinnacle the credibility and flexibility to access a large base of capital.

Asset Management

Pinnacle has always maintained a core in-house asset management team servicing its assets under management. Currently Pinnacle manages mixed use retail and office assets in and around Prague with a gross asset value of € 350 million. The team is closely involved at all levels of the business from tenant relationship management through to ultimate investor liaison and reporting thereby providing a broad base of knowledge and expertise.


Pinnacle is a long term player in the CEE region in tune with industry trends and possesses deep market knowledge, broad deal experience and extensive contacts. Crucially, all of the senior management team have prior experience of successfully launching businesses in the region. Pinnacle and its founders take pride in their proven ability to secure the vast majority of assets to date on an “off market” basis, typically keeping costs low and prices attractive.


Pinnacle is entrepreneurial, innovative and flexible in finding solutions and can work with a broad team from advisors through to debt funders, to position and/or financially structure assets to enhance underlying real estate returns. In addition to their investment and operational experience Pinnacle’s management has extensive experience with the tax and legal regimes present in the region enabling clear and efficient strategies to manage legal risks and limit financial leakage.

Presence and insight

Pinnacle has a proven and extensive network of contacts that enable it to develop an astute “insider” view on potential deals and the markets in which it operates. This perspective allows Pinnacle to judge pricing, timing and alignment with potential partners providing a further level of risk mitigation and mid to long term value creation strategies. It also enables the selection and management of relationships with the region’s best professional advisors, senior debt funders and suppliers and recruitment of the best staff.